Successful IT projects for over 15 years

For over 15 years, we have been advising companies and public authorities on their IT projects. Whether this means the introduction of software or the switch to a new operating system. The current step into the future takes place in the move from on-premises solutions to the cloud infrastructure. A big step, which means a lot of sensitivity and responsibility.

We analyze, plan and develop solutions for your cloud computing technology with you. We provide you with a profitability analysis and take care of the technical implementation. To do this, we isolate weak points in the system and ensure high standards with constant quality controls. With our feasibility studies, we are always very close to the end result in all areas.

technical interface

We act as a technical interface to the individual manufacturers and provide process support for the introduction of new software and hardware, installation, configuration and administration. In addition to the documentation, we also take care of the handover and training of all employees.

Integration and support

The required configuration effort (customizing) depends on the industry, the specific requirements, your existing system landscape as well as deadline and budget. With the completion of each consulting service, you will receive easy-to-understand documentation on the topic and a transparent cost overview. We always support you in the technical integration into your system environment. We coordinate the interfaces to system suppliers and instruct your employees in the new environment.


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